Not that I’d expect anything less, but Chibi-Usa’s utter refusal to accept Hotaruu’s fate is extremely adorable.



BTW, this is the first episode right after everyone’s found out about the whole Sailor Saturn/Messiah of Silence thing.

This is part of the reason why I think it’s so important to remember how important they BOTH are to each other. It’s not just about “poor Hotaru would have died alone and friendless without Chibi-Usa” thing, because Hotaru is so important for Chibi-Usa too. For one thing, while Chibi-Usa has way more supportive people in her life than Hotaru, this is the first time Chibi-Usa has had an intense, deep, close friendship for someone around her own age, for HER and not because she’s the princess. Of course there’s Momo and probably a few other kids back in R who are “friends” who like her and hang out with her and, yes, care about her, but Hotaru is one of those especially close friends who are as important to people’s lives as their romances, so wow, that is super important of Chibi-Usa to have in life.

But then let’s look at her as Sailor Chibi Moon - as a Sailor Senshi.

Of course Chibi-Usa wants to be a Sailor Senshi, it’s never a question for her. She wants to grow up and be able to help and save people just like her mother and just like her aunts. But before this I really think that Chibi-Usa is only training as a Sailor Senshi because she’s “supposed” to, because she will inherit the Silver Crystal, because it’s “in her blood” as it were. Not that she resents it or feels put-upon, she’s rather enthusiastic about it, but so far her being a senshi has been more about birthright rather than going against anything.

Until now.

Of course *we* already know that Usagi is not going to let the Outers sacrifice Hotaru. *We* know that. And because Usagi won’t, her Inner Senshi won’t either. But that question still hangs there for them … if Hotaru DOES fully awaken, what then? How WILL they stop the Silence?

But Chibi Usa does not care.

Even if all the senshi, and her future parents, were against her, she would not care.

Chibi Usa knows it deep within herself. She is NOT going to let this happen to her friend, because she KNOWS with complete certainty that Hotaru is a wonderful person, a person who must be saved.

Hotaru gives Chibi Usa a reason to fight.

Sure she’s young and saddled with just Pink Sugar Heart Attack, but Chibi Usa will do everything in her power as Sailor Chibi Moon to protect Hotaru. Now, she’s not just being a Sailor Senshi because her mother is, she is a Senshi because she has something to fight for.


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